Upcoming Events


The Justice of Peace (Stage Play)- February 10, 2019 3:00 PM 4014 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19107

This stage play delves into the lives of Reggie and Keya, a recently separated couple who attempt to come to terms of fairness, peace and parenthood. Act 1 gives the perspective of co-parenting, social, relationships and employment through the eyes of Reggie. While Act 2 gives the perspective of the identical story through the eyes of Keya as she co-parents, builds back her social life and employment. It shows the effects of communication or lack thereof and the conditions it leaves on the children who become innocent victims in the saga of “perspective”.


All I’m Worth (Film)- Encore TBD

In the film, the viewer follows the stories of three teens — Nicole, Kyle, and Ashley —whose experiences with sexual abuse bring them together in group therapy. The protagonist, Nicole, is molested by her mother’s boyfriend, Charlie, when she is a child. Charlie is then incarcerated for an unrelated crime, but continues to abuse the now 16 year-old after his release. Nicole feels such guilt and shame that she hides the abuse, blaming herself and attempting to heal through therapy. *Tickets will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment.



Resurrection of a Nation (Film) – TBD

This story is based on true events within the Nation of Islam in Philadelphia, PA and captures the years from 1965- 1985. The stories uncovers the height of the Nation of Islam in Philadelphia, the growth of spiritual conviction, black empowerment, government infiltration which leads to police corruption and later births the black mafia. Spiritual success will over power the societal evils but not before the damage is done. * Please Donate to this project by clicking the tab below. Thanks!



Innocent Life (Documentary) – TBD

Pleasant Life Productions has obtained the rights to the story of Kalvin Morris. A man who was wrongfully convicted and served 33 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. While incarcerated, Kalvin was sentenced to life and also placed on death row on two separate occasions. Appealing and overturning both death row arrangements, Kalvin was later offered a plea in which he was released from his life sentence. Since being released from prison, Kalvin has been adjusting to life residing on the block where he was charge and convicted for the crime he never committed. ***You can donate any dollar amount for this project below.


Freshman Year

Pleasant life Productions breakout comedy show “Freshman Year”. Bringing out some of the most talented comedians from Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia. Freshman Year is hosted by Jonathan “Slap” Ruber, featuring Barry Ribs, Dave Butler, Ms. Darkchild and DJ Sherlan. Purchases for DVD are currently on sale Reserve your copy today! *Prices in DVD purchase, shipping and handling.